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Survey solution for underground

I-Site laser scanning handled a large underground survey project with ease, delivering timely, accurate data to guide limestone mining operations.

Safe survey technology

The Maptek I-Site laser scanner was used to safely survey La Coipa mine in Chile and validate the topography of abandoned sectors where access was difficult.

Analyse surface movement trends with Sentry

Hillgrove Resources found Sentry improved awareness of pit movement and helped plan remedial action, meeting mine safety objectives.

Coastal cliff survey

The Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner was used to scan the Victorian coastline near the Twelve Apostles for ongoing geotechnical studies of these natural formations.

Stockpile success at Hibbing Taconite

The Maptek I-Site laser scanner is used to measure stockpiles at the Hibbing Taconite mine in Minnesota, cutting delivery of results from weeks to days.

Geology helps define road expansion

I-Site technology defined the geology and stability of cliff faces, helping a road construction company to plan a safe expansion project.

Monitoring wear rates in crushers

Laser scanning and modelling tools provide a safe, accurate solution for recording and monitoring wear in crushers to minimise down time.

Millennium Coal acquires accurate survey data

End of month survey at Millennium Coal Mine now takes one day, with I-Site laser scanning capturing the entire 1400m length of open pit and in-pit waste dumps.

Accurate models aid ground support

Maptek I-Site Studio generates high resolution models for geological mapping and ground support quality control at a large mine in Utah.

The best survey solution for your task

Laser scanning is widely used in mine survey for its safety, accuracy and speed. We compare the benefits of different modes of operation including continuous survey.

I-Site Survey Efficiency

BHP Billiton uses the Maptek I-Site 8800 laser scanner to monitor reclamation volumes at its Spence copper project in Chile, achieving more accurate reconciliation.

Geotechnical studies at Anglo American Coal

Maptek technology helps geotechnical engineers handle a range of mapping and analysis applications at Anglo American coal sites in Australia.

Rock art preservation in Kakadu

Maptek I-Site Studio software has been used for 3D reproduction of historical Aboriginal rock art at Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Laser scanning in extreme conditions

When Diavik Diamond mine needed a laser scanner to work in -50°C conditions Maptek I-Site technology provided the answer. The new system reduced the pit survey time to several hours.

Maptek for rehabilitation studies

I-Site provides a solution for monitoring landforms and vegetation that is gaining acceptance from authorities signing off on rehabilitation plans.

I-Site shines on diamond mine

I-Site technology helps De Beers track and manage pit surfaces, ore stockpiles and waste dumps at the Venetia diamond mine in South Africa.

Complex infrastructure survey

Maptek is the Australian reseller of the Z+F Imager 5010. The short range scanner is ideal for forensic, plant and industrial survey, architectural and tunnelling applications.

Slope stability analysis

I-Site Studio modelling and analysis tools helped provide an accurate geotechnical assessment of a large slope failure in a limestone quarry.

Recording St Kilda Island off Scotland

Maptek I-Site technology was used in the Scottish Ten project to scan the remote island of St Kilda, 100 miles off the west coast of Scotland in the North Atlantic.

Topographic Survey

Accurate surfaces are the key to knowing material volumes, handling methods and storage locations. This streamlines the design process and leads to efficient operations.