Managing safety in limestone caves

Laser scanner and UAV geotechnical data is instrumental in identifying potential risk and managing visitor safety in limestone cave formations in Victoria, eastern Australia.

From challenge comes opportunity

For a New Zealand consulting firm, the Maptek Geology Challenge was a chance to trial new software that could ultimately improve outcomes for clients.

Solution Spotlight

PointModeller – the right tools for the job

Maptek PointModeller offers powerful 3D visualisation, smart registration and filtering to derive value from airborne or mobile sensor data for quarry, civil or topographic projects.

Delivering value for miners

As the initial 5-year program for the South Australian PRIF Integrated Mining Consortium comes to an end, Maptek looks forward to what lies ahead to bring projects to market.

Perceiving new possibilities

Improved depth perception in visualising software imagery has transitioned from Maptek experiment into incorporation within current point cloud modelling applications.

Creating tomorrow for geospatial survey

Maptek looks to technologies in the geomatics space that will save time in managing files, create value from point cloud data, and help ease the global skills shortage.

Learning on the job

Maptek has a long history of supporting university students through training, scholarships and internships to help kickstart their careers.

University collaboration

Maptek is effectively a strategic ally for the mining department of a university in Mexico, equipping students and graduates with the latest generation of software tools.