Additional Upgrades and Enhancements

Vulcan 10.1 contains hundreds of enhancements and upgrades that allow users to add value when working with technical data.


Drafting Sheet Editor, new in Vulcan 10.1, enables users to quickly and easily create customised drafting sheets.


Vulcan 10.1 expands the capabilities for working with triangulation attributes, making it easier for users to create, assign and view attributes.

  • Graphics driver updates
    More efficient support for interrogating large datasets and intuitive interpretation of block models.
  • Attributes
    Create, assign and view attributes has been enhanced, and reserving attributes can be automatically made available to the scheduler.
  • CAD polygon tools
    Manipulation is faster and more accurate, and live preview allows users to select data and preview results while changing parameters.
  • Python scripting
    Python scripting helps users customise solutions for working with large data arrays in block models, databases, mapfiles, grids and triangulations.
  • Grade estimation
    Estimating groups of grade IDs together makes better use of multiple core processing to speed up grade estimation.
  • Multivariate geostatistics
    Users can now transform multivariate geostatistics data forwards and backwards via the log-ratio method.
  • Block model manipulation
    New command line utilities for manipulating block models improves speed and workflow for lengthy computations.
  • Drafting sheet editor
    Users can add corporate logos, set up page sizes and apply new scale bar and north arrow styles.