Vulcan GeoStatModeller Bundle

Vulcan GeoStatModeller is a complete configuration for performing geostatistical analyses to create resource models and accurately determine geological resources.

GeoStatModeller Modules

Base Geostatistics

  • Comprehensive variogram modelling, analysis and reporting for resource geologists
  • Contact profile analysis and declustering by cells, global estimation or prisms
  • Grade estimation using inverse distance, simple kriging, ordinary kriging, indicator kriging and indicator simulation
  • Multivariate transformation tools include projection pursuit and log-ratio methodologies
  • Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis integrated into grade estimation process
  • Filter samples and blocks; use 'soft' boundaries between different domains
  • Post-processing indicator distributions allows multiple simultaneous outputs
  • Create/modify estimation parameters via wizard or categorised tree editor
  • Run estimations manually or automatically for multiple domains and categories
  • Recoverable reserves forecasting and validation with support analysis tool
  • Advanced unfolding tools for working with complex deposits
  • Handle folded estimation with local search orientations, projection modules, bend modules and LVA method for arbitrary search path for grade estimation
  • Perform drift analysis

Block Modelling

  • Store and use information via regular cells, subcells and other variables
  • Conduct inverse distance grade estimation
  • Support large number of blocks - add, delete or modify variables in real time
  • Create custom reserve reports, including grade tonnage charts

Grid Modelling

  • Variety of powerful modelling methods to build grid surfaces
  • Perform complex grid to grid operations
  • Create stratigraphic, structural and grade/quality grid models using an automated modelling process
  • Generate and analyse reserves by overlaying polygons onto grids to create reserve limits


  • Manage and validate drillhole, geophysical, lithological and analytical data in Vulcan, or interface to third party databases
  • 3D display/analysis of drillhole data
  • Geological interpretation
  • Compositing for non-stratigraphic and stratigraphic environments
  • Multi-domain Implicit Modelling with no void or overlap between domains
  • Model both grade shell and geology domains
  • Ability to calculate strip ratios from user-defined HARP block model variables, limiting a lowest mineable level


  • Statistical analysis of Vulcan databases, grids and block models
  • Automatically output results and charts to Microsoft® Excel™

Base Modules


  • Create/edit 3D surface and solid triangulations
  • Generate contours
  • Register images with triangulations for better visualisation
  • Boolean modelling

Vulcan 3D CAD

  • Design and digitise lines, polygons, points and text
  • View, analyse, interactively edit 3D data

Data Transfer

  • Import and export data between Vulcan and other applications
  • ODBC connection to SQL Server™, Oracle® and MS Access™


  • Configure user-defined plot style sheets with title blocks and user prompts
  • Edit and regenerate plot files
  • Set up and generate single plots using a wizard-style interface
  • Generate multiple plots with batch-style interface using existing data specs

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Vulcan GeologyCore

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Streamline your workflow from drillhole database to published model. Now included with Vulcan GeoModeller and Vulcan GeoStatModeller.