Vulcan Level Designer

The Vulcan Level Designer drafts complete underground level development with hundreds of crosscuts in minutes, saving hours of manual design time.

The Vulcan Level Designer is an add-on module to the Vulcan MineModeller Underground bundle.

Capabilities of Vulcan Level Designer

  • Optimised design based on development cost
  • Preview the mine design before creating
  • Multiple discretisation modes for drives and crosscuts
  • Automatic calculation of attributes for the design
  • Create cost-optimised simple or complex networks with Decline Optimiser

Benefits of Vulcan Level Designer

  • Optimise stope access: Analyse multiple scenarios to determine an optimal plan to access stopes based on economic or other factors.
  • Confident due diligence: Leverage outputs to make informed decisions around mine planning.
  • Fast iteration: Run design scenarios in seconds.
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