Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit Bundle

Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit provides the tools for mine engineers to design, evaluate and maintain daily mine operations. Surfaces and design lines can be easily updated with the latest data for generating daily production reports.

MineModeller Open Pit Modules

Mine Design Open Pit

  • Tools for multi-ramp, multi-slope detailed operational pit designs
  • Design multiple pit phases and dumps
  • Use grade interpolation by inverse distance method for resource models
  • Economic, quantitative and volumetric evaluation of mine designs
  • Rapid Pit Design tool for strategic mine design evaluation
  • Stratigraphic design steps saved and replicated on multiple strips

Block Modelling

  • Store and use information via regular cells, subcells and other variables
  • Conduct inverse distance grade estimation
  • Support large number of blocks - add, delete or modify variables in real time
  • Create custom reserve reports, including grade tonnage charts

Grid Modelling

  • Variety of powerful modelling methods to build grid surfaces
  • Perform complex grid to grid operations
  • Create stratigraphic, structural and grade/quality grid models using an automated modelling process
  • Generate and analyse reserves by overlaying polygons onto grids to create reserve limits


  • Statistical analysis of Vulcan databases, grids and block models
  • Automatically output results and charts to Microsoft® Excel™

Base Modules


  • Create/edit 3D surface and solid triangulations, such as terrian models and pit designs
  • Generate contours
  • Register images with triangulations for better visualisation

Vulcan 3D CAD

  • Design and digitise lines, polygons, points and text
  • View, analyse, interactively edit 3D data

Data Transfer

  • Import and export data between Vulcan and other applications
  • ODBC connection to SQL Server™, Oracle® and MS Access™


  • Configure user-defined plot style sheets with title blocks and user prompts
  • Edit and regenerate plot files
  • Set up and generate single plots using a wizard-style interface
  • Generate multiple plots with batch-style interface using existing data specs

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