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Vulcan Explorer

Vulcan Explorer provides an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment to test and validate exploration models. Block models and 3D triangulated surfaces created with Vulcan Modeller, GeoModeller or MineModeller can be viewed and assessed.


Vulcan GeoModeller is ideal for creating geological, structural and grade/quality models for stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic applications. It can also be used for geological modelling, face mapping, statistical analysis and preliminary resource calculations.


Vulcan GeoStatModeller is a complete configuration for performing geostatistical analysis to create models and accurately determine geological resources. Tools for variograms and grade estimation augment grid and block modelling, geology and plotting.


Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit provides the tools for mine engineers to design, evaluate and maintain mine operations. Modelled surfaces, design lines and volumes can be easily updated with the latest data for generating daily production reports, and to develop strategic designs.

MineModeller Underground

Vulcan MineModeller Underground allows engineers to design and maintain daily underground mine operations and make long term plans. Users can generate optimised designs for different mining scenarios, evaluating and comparing results.


Vulcan Modeller provides CAD, 3D visualisation and modelling tools to create, review and share models. Options for triangulation, grid mesh modelling and contouring enhance understanding of terrain, geology, mining and engineering scenarios.


Vulcan Surveyor allows collected survey data to be imported into Vulcan for efficient review, manipulation and update. Direct communication with survey technology reduces errors which may occur during file transfers. Allows volume calculations and generation of 3D drives.

Mine Measurement

Mine Measurement 3D laser survey technology combines long range laser scanning hardware with processing and 3D modelling software. Applications include pit and underground survey, stockpile calculations, silo survey and geological highwall mapping.


BlastLogic is a blast accuracy management system that streamlines open cut drill and blast processes to improve mineral recovery. Interactive tools for validating and refining designs allow immediate adjustment to designs for continual improvement to the process.


Evolution is a strategic and tactical mine planning and optimisation tool which produces medium, long term and holistic life of mine schedules. Cut-off grade techniques and integrated haulage fleet optimisation maximise the value of your project and reduce operating costs.