Masterclass advances learning

Mine engineering students at the National University of San Marcos in Peru benefit from an ongoing partnership with Maptek.

Senior level students at the National University of San Marcos gain familiarity with technologies used in the mining industry thanks to a partnership with Maptek.

In September 2023, Maptek hosted a Master Class, sharing the latest tools for designing surface mines with 30 students in the final units of their Mine Engineering degree at the university in Lima.

David Melgar, Professor of Mining Engineering thanked Maptek for the opportunity to see innovative solutions in action.

‘The students and I were very surprised by the agility of Vulcan to process information quickly and easily to generate multiple open pit designs,’ Melgar said.

‘Importing a block model was really fast, with no need to make multiple configurations.’

‘The automatic open pit designer was really impressive, greatly shortening the time it takes to carry out this important operation during project development.’The university looks forward to continuing the relationship with Maptek, which improves career prospects for mining engineers as they enter the industry.