Accurate stockpile inventory

Maptek laser scanning technology gives a global chemicals and logistics solutions provider auditing and inventory confidence, while reducing wastage and saving time.

Natrio specialises in the import and distribution of high volume dry chemicals, efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. In Australia Natrio distributes 550,000 tonnes per year, with the capability to store up to 230,000 tonnes.

Key services range across chemical sourcing, bulk shipping, warehousing, freight forwarding and transport, handling products including soda ash, feldspar, alumina, limestone, fertiliser, grain, soybean meal, clinker, sodium bicarbonate and quicklime.

Since 2013, Natrio has contracted Maptek to take regular laser scans of stockpiles and provide volumetric analysis. Several generations of Maptek laser scanners, including the current R3 series, have been used in conjunction with Maptek PointStudio point cloud processing software across Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

A Maptek representative uses laser scanning technology to accurately scan large indoor stockpiles within minutes and quickly create volumetric reports in PointStudio to present to Natrio.

With much of its product imported via bulk vessels, Natrio had to implement an auditing process that ensured internal processes were accurate and streamlined.

The auditing process starts from the point of a vessel being discharged, through how material is weighed, transported, deposited, handled, then delivered to the end user.

Maptek SR3 laser scanner capturing interior stockpile data

Maptek laser scanner technology has enabled Natrio to provide an extra level of auditing to ensure the internal measures are accurate. It also gives customers confidence regarding inventory levels.

‘Auditing and inventory confidence are the immediate outcomes from the service – additional benefits across the organisation include waste minimisation and time gained through the efficiency of the technology used,’ Natrio Supply Chain Analyst Blake Dutta said.

‘Given the accuracy and reliability of the technology and service provided by Maptek, all recipients have confidence in the results.’

Accurate data is paramount to providing reliable reports. Maptek is a key partner in enabling this.

Resultant point cloud of all scans

Since Maptek first captured and reported stockpile volumes for Natrio, new laser scanner models have been released, with advantages such as increased scanning speed and lighter systems making for faster, easier surveys.

‘Partnering with Maptek has been a breeze. They are quick to respond, professional in their approach and always willing to assist the local team when required,’ Dutta said.

A high level of transparency around operations at all sites means Natrio can streamline their quantitative processes and manage logistics to deliver efficient supply chain solutions.

Thanks to Natrio

  • Bulk material supply chain specialist Natrio needed an auditing process that ensured internal processes were accurate and streamlined
  • Maptek laser scanning and data processing systems safely and accurately capture, process and report stockpile volumes 
  • Outcomes include auditing and inventory confidence, waste minimisation and time gained through using effective, efficient technology