Engineering customer success

Building a strong community of Customer Success specialists ensures Maptek delivers on our commitments to create value for customers.

Scott Britton, Global Customer Success Manager – Mine Engineering for Maptek describes how a mining industry background helped focus his enthusiasm for helping customers. 

Tell us about your mining industry background and the focus of your new role.

With more than three decades of practical experience in coal and hard rock mining, I bring a wealth of knowledge in sales, exploration, technical evaluation, management and product support.

I’m thrilled to join the Global Customer Success team to utilise my skills and experience to provide superior guidance to our customers. My time will be dedicated to identifying opportunities that align our products with customer needs and foster cross-discipline integration.

Scott Briton began his professional career in 1993 as a Junior Engineer at an open cast coal mine in Lanarkshire, Scotland

I accepted this position on the same day I celebrated my 30th anniversary working in the mining sector! 

Before joining Maptek, I worked in various UK-based open cast coal operations. I’ve also provided consulting services related to project feasibility studies and mineral reserve estimates.

Relationships are absolutely crucial in ensuring that customers use the products they purchase from us and receive the value promised.

By investing more effort in relationships, Maptek is working to help our customers maximise their return on the investment on the products they purchase. 

I’m now responsible for ensuring that customers using our BlastLogic, Evolution and Vulcan design products achieve their objectives. I firmly believe in a customer success approach, which helps our customers get what they need from our products.

This means fostering proactive engagement and building closer relationships with customers to maximise product use and align with their strategic goals.

How do you describe the goals of the Global Customer Success team?

The Global Customer Success team primarily aims to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Our mission is to facilitate effective technology adoption, proactively meet or exceed customer expectations and enhance customer lifetime value.

We’re aligning our efforts with the Maptek Strategic Roadmap and collaborating with other teams to roll out necessary deliverables.

How will the structure work and what can customers expect from this approach?

We will focus on establishing journey mapping during customer adoption. The regional Maptek Customer Success teams will play a key role in successful onboarding, monitoring product use and driving proactive engagement.

Our Technical and Professional Services teams will provide user-centric product expertise. Additionally, Regional Customer Development Managers and Renewal Specialists will work with our customers to define and provide the best solutions to meet their goals.

We’re adopting a consultative approach to better understand our customers’ business needs.

Maptek will harness data analytics and use both qualitative and quantitative metrics to monitor and support product adoption.

By coordinating engagement across all Maptek regions, we’re building a strong community of Customer Success specialists to ensure we deliver on our commitments and create value for our customers.

  • Maptek is building a global customer success network to deliver better value and service to customers
  • Proactive engagement and maintaining closer relationships will help customers maximise their product use and align with strategic goals
  • Data analytics, and qualitative and quantitative metrics on product usage allow Maptek to define and recommend the best solutions for success