Electronic tie-up

Maptek BlastLogic provides operations greater blast precision, choice of explosives initiation system suppliers and mine planning software integration.

Tie-up is an important part of drill and blast workflows and electronic tie-up is becoming the method of choice. Electronic tie-up provides finer timing control and reduced misfire potential, increasing safety for field crews, reducing costs and minimising excessive vibration and noise.

Maptek BlastLogic helps mining companies prepare tie-up plans that adhere to regulations and make use of actual data to deliver designs in a seamless workflow.

BlastLogic provides timing and 3D animation for complex scenarios such as multi-horizon timing and hybrid tie-ups, and uses the as-drilled information gathered through integration with leading drill navigation systems.

The actual loading data captured in the field using BlastLogic tablets is used in modelling calculations so engineers can make adjustments based on deviation from designs.

Vibration models use propagation rates and wavefront reinforcement to predict vibrations at critical locations. Holes leading to increased vibrations can be adjusted either manually or using the automated algorithm to minimise vibration and overpressure.

The latest version allows live data sharing where design changes in Maptek Vulcan are instantly reflected in BlastLogic. Drill and blast engineers can see the live impact of their drill design on the total cost, charge, tie-up, vibration and fragmentation modelling.

Integrating BlastLogic with a range of leading initiation system providers has given users freedom from getting ‘locked in’ to a single supplier.

Integration simplifies the iterative design process and removes time-consuming manual import/export between different packages. BlastLogic acts as a single source of truth for feedback, improvements and investigations around drill and blast.