Training that meets your needs

Maptek offers a range of flexible training options that can be accessed from the convenience of your site or office, and fit in with your daily operational workflow.

Remote Vulcan training

Remote individual training interweaves practical learning sessions within an everyday working environment.

Maptek provides online support and training to make sure customers are up to speed with our solutions and are able to work as effectively as possible. Sessions can be hosted on platforms such as Zoom where our experts deliver one-on-one and group training and support.

Remote one-on-one training for Thiess
Remote one-on-one training for Thiess

Chris Harris is a Brisbane-based Thiess Civil Engineer specialising in drainage. While working from home, he completed an Introduction to Vulcan course, through a series of online sessions with a Maptek Technical Services instructor.

‘The training’s been fantastic, I’ve absolutely loved it,’ said Harris. ‘It’s one-on-one so I get an expert all to myself.’

Harris, whose role includes the planning, design and construction of water management infrastructure as well as civil road and pad design, said it had opened his eyes to the breadth of Vulcan’s capabilities.

‘I don’t use Vulcan all day every day so I’ll often be guessing what’s the best way to do something or if it’s possible within Vulcan.’

‘I realised there’s a lot of efficiency gains I can make as well. Some of the ways I was doing things weren’t incorrect, they were just slow and inefficient.’

The training approach suited Harris’ circumstances perfectly as he was able to apply and reinforce his knowledge as he learnt.

‘The short training stints worked really well around work. I’ve got several other tasks that I’m doing in the background. Learning this way has worked better for me than being in a classroom, following along doing all the steps.’

‘I have to bring a lot of project data back into Vulcan before each lesson so I’ve become used to quickly setting up a workspace and honing those rudimentary skills that can take extra time when you’re not accustomed to a software package.’

A key benefit of remote training for customers is that it can be delivered around other commitments. Classroom training may take them away from important work tasks for too long. Remote training allows shorter sessions to be scheduled around these pressing deliverables.

Vulcan training at Shandong Gold

Customers can be confident that their training needs will be met, and that Maptek Technical Services teams are ready to help.

Virtual classroom training

More than 500 Shandong Gold staff from 30 operations in China have recently completed web-based Introduction to Vulcan training led by Chinese instructors.

The Maptek training was delivered across a fortnight in April by reseller Pioneering Inc., with the cohort divided into two groups, each receiving a week of training.

Pioneering trainer Murphy Fu said the training had been well received by the 512 participants from 23 mines, three exploration companies and four head offices.

‘The aim to quickly become familiar with Vulcan was fulfilled and the customers were pleased with the outcomes.’

Software licences were granted online through Maptek Account which provides flexible licensing and convenient, secure options for offline use. Having a Chinese language version of Vulcan facilitated fast take-up of the new software skills.

Several local Pioneering technical service team members acted as online support for the trainees while the primary presenters delivered the course. Pioneering appreciated that Maptek Australia staff were on hand to offer their technical expertise.

Feedback from the training will help guide Maptek development and improvements to the software.

Online Training courses

It is not always convenient or cost-effective to travel off-site to attend courses. The Maptek Online training platform provides self-paced online learning via pre-recorded videos.

Videos are short and easily fit into busy schedules. Additional exercises using training data are included to reinforce the learning and gain confidence in applying the new skills.

Online Training gives companies the opportunity to easily assess and meet training needs and ongoing professional development. Learners can download course certificates upon completion of a final exam, or choose to post achievements to LinkedIn.

Online Training courses are available for up to six months, providing time to review video content while applying new skills in conjunction with live training, during implementation procedures, or while learning new workflows.

‘Our new geologists and engineers quickly become familiar with basic concepts in modelling and mine design. We can also scope training needs for various professional teams – both short and long term.’

Remote implementations

When sites upgrade processes or software, Maptek can customise the implementation procedure to your needs.

Online Training courses allow site personnel control over the timing and pace of preparation for new software and processes. Learning about new functionality early on allows site personnel to better collaborate with Maptek to develop the most effective new workflows. Meaningful conversations at this stage streamline the implementation and change management process.

After site personnel learn the basics, Maptek instructors can customise training with site data to focus on specific processes.

Custom courses can occur in person or in a remote setting using platforms such as Zoom or GoToTraining. Shorter sessions can be selected to better balance implementation training with production needs.

In this way, implementation and production work can continue side-by-side without interruption.

Remote individual training setup