Eureka enters the exploration field

Maptek Eureka is a unique exploration software system. A rugged tablet interface was field tested by Havilah Resources geologists in South Australia’s outback.

Whether exploring for coal, oil and gas, or collecting data for environmental studies, field geologists usually work in a remote location in difficult, and sometimes hazardous conditions.

Meet the Maptek Eureka Field system which streamlines data gathering and ticks all the boxes as the latest field assistant.

  • Rugged tablet PC withstands dust, extreme temperatures, water and even being dropped.
  • All day battery life.
  • Interactive editor for drillhole and sample logging.
  • Operated by a stylus, drillhole data is entered via dropdown lists, handwriting recognition or virtual keyboard.
  •  Interactive 2D map displays drillhole locations and collar RL.
  • Data sharing via 3G or wifi connection for automatic synchronisation of logged data with the Eureka desktop application.

Havilah Resources explores for gold and other metals in South Australia’s Curnamona Province, which covers about 6000 square kilometres west of Broken Hill.

Havilah geologists found Eureka Field quick and easy for entering and uploading data. Their feedback has resulted in several enhancements.

Entering long sequences of numbers, such as metre interval core logs, is now easier with automatic population of the next sequence. Comments and other information can be saved and re-used to annotate field observations.

‘The system is so simple to use and extremeIy versatile,’ said Havilah geologist, Fergus Kiley.

‘I can see huge potential when interfaced with some of our other applications such as the portable Niton XRF field analyser and the drillhole survey camera through the existing usb port.’

‘When we do have a network  connection, uploading everything to the Eureka exploration project database along with the field drilling data makes our jobs much easier. Reducing the need for work back at the camp after a long day in the field is a bonus.’

The large font and screen layout improves readability and  usability in bright sunlight and dusty conditions.

Eureka Field is a lightweight, rugged and integrated mobile data system which can replace pen and paper, camera, calculator and GPS. Making exploration data available in real time for review, modelling and analysis in the Eureka desktop application helps bring immediacy to projects.