Maptek South America celebrates 20 years

2014 marks 20 years since Maptek became operational in Chile.

‘Since 1994 we have faced different challenges, both professionally and technologically,’ said Vice-President Maptek South America Marcelo Arancibia.

‘What has remained the same is our purpose. We provide our customers with products and services of excellence and global quality.’

‘From simple beginnings in 1994 in Santiago, Chile the South American contingent has grown to a taskforce of nearly 100. Besides the main office in Viña del Mar, Chile, dedicated sales teams are located in Lima, Peru and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.’

‘This expansion has been driven by our customers. More than 7,000 mining professionals have received product training, and 150 specialists have completed the graduate Geostatistics course.’

The renowned course has been conducted continuously for 13 years in partnership with the University of Alberta, Canada, through the Geostatistics Center led by Dr Clayton Deutsch. Vulcan software maintains a strong position in South America with more than 1,300 licences in use. These are supported by a local team of developers and technical experts who provide support 24/7.

The founder of Maptek, Dr Bob Johnson congratulated the team in South America, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to our users and the mining industry.

‘South America leads in pushing the technology envelope to allow our customers to gain continuous benefits from using the Maptek products.’

‘Maptek has always enjoyed the support and commitment of our customers. A mark of this respect is participation in the regular South American Users Conferences,’ added Arancibia. ‘We now offer a range of technical solutions covering mine planning, blast management and 3D laser scan survey, all of which are focused on helping our customers.’

‘In South America, we know that if we did not have the support and trust of our customers, none of this would have been possible. We take this opportunity to thank you again for letting us share with you our 20 years in South America!’