Coal tracking enhances site efficiency

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Maptek is implementing a coal quality tracking system at a Queensland operation to meet the needs for site wide efficiency gains.

The work started in late 2012 when Maptek was approached to develop software modelling functionality for a coal tracking system. The mine delivered its first coal in 2014 and will produce up to 5.5 mtpa of premium quality metallurgical coal.

Energy efficiency was a key focus during the mine development phase, with measures built into the design and management systems. This included installing highly efficient equipment and optimisation of truck, shovel and dragline movements.

The coal tracking system is an integral part of the overall IT environment which will help deliver efficiencies across the operation. Maptek IT implemented a specific design for the modelling functionality to ensure it matched the on-site facilities for coal tracking. New machinery and mine site operations were simulated to mirror real world conditions.

The system allows the operation to monitor the quality of coal through its various mine sites and facilities. It is already in use at some sites within the operation, where it reports on quality levels and trending qualities in pseudo real-time. This ensures that customer contracts and products realistically match specifications.

The modelling functionality will be seamlessly integrated with the mine fleet management system to track payloads and coal origin information through the production machinery and stockpiles.

The coal tracking system successfully passed all factory acceptance tests in August 2014. Current work involves implementing the system for calibration and modelling at both the raw coal and product site facilities. It is expected to be operational by August 2015.

Maptek involvement continues past development and implementation. Expert application support services include incident management and resolution, upgrade changeover, monitoring, administration and system maintenance.

Support transition has been successful. Knowledge and expertise were transferred from in-house systems to Maptek IT with no interruption to production. To date all service level agreements have been met.

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