An agile scheduling solution

The latest advances in strategic scheduling software Maptek Evolution will allow users to quickly re-engineer staging without destroying value.

Existing Maptek Vulcan technologies have been adapted to create new pit optimisation and phase definition tools in Maptek Evolution.

Schedules are only as good as the stage design. Creating an optimised schedule from poor stage design asks a lot of any scheduling software.

The solution needs to be mineable. For example, changing the processing strategy may require changes to the stage development strategy, which in turn would mean redesigning the stages to fit the revised strategy.

Pit optimisation routines have now been employed inside Evolution, allowing users to accumulate optimal shells for creating higher quality schedules to achieve this redesign quickly.

Mining rules will allow the user to build stages which talk to the processing strategy in a more appropriate way, for example, incorporating rules such as pricing, volume to be mined, mining width, haul distance and equipment.

An agile scheduling approach allows operations to develop plans which are realistically achievable. Evolution helps efficiently develop staging logic to talk to different scenarios.

Operators will be able to easily investigate optimised schedules based on different strategies, such as small selective mining versus bulk mining methods.

By mid 2016 Evolution will facilitate short term scheduling using fully attributed solids from Vulcan.

A new Epoch

Evolution Epoch will cater for large datasets of more than 100,000 solids and will be ideal for planning periods of up to 18 months.

Epoch will allow users to employ attributed solids, not just regular block models. This brings the optimisation technology developed for longer-term scheduling into the short-term planning environment, allowing for good quality, high value, short-term schedules.

This year Evolution has helped various operators add more than $800 million to NPV across 8 projects, including gold, uranium and diamond mines, over a 13-year mine life.

By optimising cut-off grades cashflow is improved during the early stages of projects. This has the potential to improve NPV by up to 20% in some cases.

Evolution was initially used to audit plans to ensure the direction was practical and high value. This confirmed the overall strategy was sound. It also showed that implementing a cut-off grade policy combined with some changes to design could significantly increase value.

Usability upgrades

A new viewer leveraging off existing Maptek graphics capability enhances display of models, haulage profiles and schedules. Benefits include visualising extremely large datasets in real time, such as topographic models, waste dump models and other graphical objects.

Drag and drop functionality between Vulcan and Evolution removes the need for data conversion, providing a seamless user experience. Accessing a single source of truth for scheduling improves overall efficiency.