I-Site Studio 6 time savers

New modules in Maptek I-Site Studio 6 streamline workflows and directly address the need for surveyors to report as efficiently as possible.


A new Geology Module includes several features for defining geology directly from 3D point cloud data. Intuitive tools streamline the mapping workflow.

Split by line splits a surface such as a highwall face into separate facet networks based on a user defined line. This could be the top of coal or a fault line which is easily viewed on the detailed scan data.

Extract by polygon extracts a new surface based on a digitised polygon. Colour surface by polygon fills an area with a uniform colour based on a digitised polygon to define the geology.

Apply a texture fill pattern to a surface overlays patterns like those used in geological face mapping to denote rock types.

Ongoing development will further improve I-Site–Vulcan workflows for geological and geotechnical analysis.


A new Reporting menu contains two new modules for streamlining the creation of configurable reports. Automating conformance and performance monitoring dramatically improves survey productivity.

The Volume reporting module allows users to apply a base surface, stockpile surfaces and polygons to generate volumes for multiple regions. Reports will summarise stockpile volumes and colour code by region. Templates are fully customisable, making it possible to attach photographs and other documentation to the PDF being exported for distribution.

The Design Conformance reporting module compares a design surface to as-built and other surfaces. PDF export summarises