BlastLogic is the logical choice

The world’s leading mining companies have one thing in common – they have all invested in Maptek BlastLogic for drill and blast.

Maptek Development Manager Blast Accuracy Solutions, Mark Roberts says mining’s most advanced drill and blast system is being used at sites in Australia, North America and South America for a range of commodities including coal, iron ore, copper, zinc, gold and diamonds.

Detailed evaluation of capability, and due diligence of supplier track record in implementing and supporting blast design and management solutions has led the world’s tier one mining companies to invest in Maptek BlastLogic.

BlastLogic is the only solution that delivers a mechanism to address drill and blast and operational improvement challenges in a sustainable way. Regardless of the geology, commodity type, engineering expertise, technology footprint, drill and blast processes, and business drivers, companies know that BlastLogic meets their individual challenges.

Many different operations are taking advantage of BlastLogic to address common needs.

A large gold mine in Western Australia and a metalliferous coal mine in Queensland are examples of sites which require vibration control to manage risk. As part of the drill and blast process they rely on BlastLogic to control safety of adjacent underground operations. Having a tool to check and model vibration based on blast designs is very important.

BlastLogic has the most advanced charge rules for calculating maximum instantaneous charge for every hole relevant to many monitoring points.

A large new iron ore mine and another large gold mine in Western Australia currently use BlastLogic to optimise fragmentation, dig rates and crusher throughput. Being able to correlate rock type, ​ore grade,​ drill penetration rates and ​blast design allows more informed value-in-use decisions to be made.

This capability enables mines to integrate​ single process improvements into a holistic mine-to-mill blasting approach.

BlastLogic is also being used by some mines to reduce cost on drill and blast while mitigating degradation in fragmentation.

Only BlastLogic, through its modelling and analysis tools, is able to show engineers how their blast objectives are impacted by the design, and then allows them to check compliance to design in real time as the plan is executed in the field.

BlastLogic is also used in conjunction with other Maptek products to further optimise mine safety and productivity.

A group of large copper mines is focusing blast designs on wall control as part of their strategy to create steeper, reliable walls so that more ore can be recovered. Steeper walls bring an increased safety risk which is related to the structural integrity.

Maptek PerfectDig™ and Maptek I-Site™ laser scanning are used to monitor the design of the walls during excavation, and Maptek Sentry is used to monitor movement and look for trends and any risks.

Drill and blast is the key to the entire operational flow. Engineers design drillhole placement. Through BlastLogic’s direct interface to supported drill navigation systems they can validate as-drilled data for conformance to design. Plans can then be adapted accordingly.

Another unique discriminator of BlastLogic is its flexible, scalable deployment options. It can be accessed as a managed service on the Cloud, minimising IT overheads for customers and providing secure access to authorised users. Alternatively BlastLogic can be used on-premise in a customer’s data centre.

Both options support central access by multiple mines and users to access their drill and blast information. This provides economies of scale for our customers, and enables benchmarking across operations.