Eureka - compact product, hugely useful

Maptek Eureka is much more than an exploration package, with advanced modelling, lithology, seismic and geotechnical tools that add value to geological investigation.

Maptek Eureka is a really useful exploration package, ideal for working with all available GIS, spatial, historical, imagery, geophysical and geological data in the one place.

Eureka also provides specialised modelling and analysis tools for the interpretation of complex surfaces generated by disparate and often discontinuous data, and exposes useful information for mining and geological interpretation.

Eureka is useful in exploration and geological investigation where multiple data sources are present and trends, correlations or anomalies may indicate orebody targets. A powerful visualisation environment allows viewing of very large datasets on a regional scale.

Results generated in Eureka are useful for various downstream processes, streamlining exploration projects through to orebody modelling and mine design.

Eureka Lithology Targeter is an easy to learn and use time saver for drill and blast engineers. A built-in workflow allows them to drag and drop the latest holes, drill rig telemetry and LAS files onto the screen. Eureka will ‘pick’ the coal seams and model the top of coal contact in minutes, ready for planning the next blast.

Eureka Implicit Modeller is an effortless way to create and edit orebody models ready for first pass volume calculations. Geologists can drop their ISIS or CSV drillhole database, CAD control and triangulation envelopes onto the screen and quickly make an implicit orebody model using interactive orientation ellipses to visually guide the output.

For geotechnical engineers wanting a package that seamlessly communicates with Maptek I-Site Studio and Vulcan, Eureka Geotech is an extremely useful bridge. Providing comprehensive surface interrogation, stereonet population and failure analysis features, it also displays fully annotated boreholes and existing Vulcan models.

Mining professionals may want an easy to use tool to quickly view, edit and fix complex or extremely large triangulation files from a range of input formats, or need access to the latest dynamic CAD tools. Eureka Core (available as a free trial until 30 June 2017) is a way of keeping Vulcan and I-Site Studio licences free for other users while still generating required outcomes.

Eureka is the ultimate solution for the exploration geologist who wants to integrate multiple formats of data from disparate coordinate systems, including seismic profiles, GIS data, aeromagnetics, topography or any formatted ASCII file into a common interface.

Eureka has been designed from the ground up to handle tens of millions of datapoints in dynamic 3D with level of detail capability. Any or all of the data types mentioned above can be integrated.

Good things really do come in small packages and with the upcoming integration into the Maptek Workbench, Eureka will become even more useful!