Transportable monitoring solution

Maptek offers a transportable solution with Sentry surface monitoring software, a trailer-based mount and remote power and communications systems.

The innovative unit provides flexible options for reliable monitoring of mining faces, benches, tailings dams, road cuttings, tunnel entrances and other civil applications. Remote access is enabled via Sentry software.

Solution operation

Drive the Maptek trailer to your monitoring site. Follow the simple instructions to lock the trailer and set up the system. In most cases you can start monitoring within 15 minutes. Sentry can be run remotely or in situ.

The trailer contains all of the power, networking and communications infrastructure to run the system.

Drive into position, level and lock the trailer, set up the laser scanner and start monitoring!

The hydraulic laser scanner mount in the trailer offers a stable alternative to mounting on a fixed bollard and is suitable for short to long term monitoring with Sentry. Remote power and communications support includes solar with backup generator power, 3G/4G and wifi links.

An industrial grade network switch incorporated into the trailer design affords high temperature resilience, wide voltage input tolerance and ethernet discharge shielded (ESD) ports, providing comprehensive remote management features.

Port-based power monitoring (passive PoE at all ports) and temperature monitoring are included. The hardware is ideal for radio communication and relay links, featuring greater packet buffer memory compared to most other industrial switches.

  • System Package
    • Sentry Premium software suite
    • Custom-built trailer with 2 pack polyurethane protection
    • Dual axle, 2 tonne GTM, galvanised electro-plated steel, light truck tyres, steel rims, hydraulic/mechanical brakes
    • Hydraulic stable laser scanner mount
    • Remote power system, 24V 80 amp generator
    • 4 x 6V 390 amp AGM batteries
    • 2 x 260W solar panels
    • Remote power management console with switch gear, PoE switch, ethernet 4G/3G communication module, charge control system and computer
    • Weather station and communication antennae