Strategic planning increases production

The Súria mine in Spain has taken advantage of custom Vulcan upgrades for modelling complex geology.

ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent, headquartered in Súria, Barcelona, is dedicated to the extraction, processing and marketing of potassium and sodium salts. With a workforce of 1200 people, it is part of the multinational Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL), a world leader in the production of fertilisers and chemicals.

ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent is currently implementing the ‘Phoenix’ strategic plan to increase production at the Súria Mine. The project will extend and modernise the current facilities.

The desired production increases have brought new challenges. The Súria mine deposit is made up of complex, highly folded geology and planning engineers require an accurate geological model to be able to hit production targets. To help model the deposit, ICL chose Maptek™ Vulcan™ geology and mine planning software.

A large number of lines were created to guide the wireframing. Intermediate section interpretation was required between the main sections, due to the highly folded nature of the deposit. This was very time consuming.

Maptek also deployed a team of experts to analyse the specific requirements for generating the geological model. Several custom Vulcan enhancements were developed to facilitate and speed up the geological workflow. Geologists can now create intermediate sections on the fly while generating the wireframes.

It now takes one-third of the time to generate the geological interpretation.

This time saving is significant as the deposit covers several square kilometres, with three seams to be modelled.

The new functionality created by Maptek for geological modelling increases the value of Vulcan as a uniquely powerful software solution for all companies modelling deposits with highly complex geology.

The next step is to implement Vulcan mine design and underground planning tools to help further advance progress of the Phoenix plan at ICL Iberia Súria.

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ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent