South America users conference

The XVIII Maptek South America Users Conference in Viña del Mar highlighted technical developments and new products.

Held over three days in October, the conference was attended by almost 200 participants, with 26 technical sessions including customer presentations.

New developments were highlighted in well-known Maptek products I-Site and Vulcan. Special emphasis was placed on the tactical and strategic planning of Evolution Origin and Strategy. In addition, there were presentations on BlastLogic and its application in iron ore mining.

Conference attendees were able to test features of the new smaller, lighter and faster I-Site XR3 and LR3 laser scanners. They also had the opportunity to appreciate the characteristics and true magnitude of functionality of Maptek Sentry, the new deployable mobile system for remote and secure surface monitoring.

Among other presentations, the new Maptek CaveLogic software was introduced. This strategic planning software for mines operated by panel caving methods is easy to use, providing robust planning with no ‘black boxes’.

Attendees recognised the value of the new Grade Control Optimiser tool in Vulcan which builds optimal polygons that meet operational restrictions. Users can ensure the maximum economic benefit and minimise misclassification.

‘We thank all our clients and students for attending our XVIII Maptek Users Conference; it was a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.’

Marcelo Arancibia Vice-President South America