Scanning underground

The Maptek I-Site™ 8200 and the latest I-Site tools for modelling stopes, headings and tunnels have been impressing survey and planning teams at underground operations.

Void survey

At this underground mine in Australia, the I-Site 8200 was mounted on a 10-metre carbon fibre boom and extended over the void.

The 125-degree scan window on the I-Site 8200 captured all of the required data in one scan. The new spherical close solid tool in I-Site Studio and I-Site Void 4.1 mean a solid model is built and calculated in minutes.

Result: Safe and efficient survey, capturing the level of detail required for calculating accurate volumes.

Pickup development headings

An important task for underground surveyors at this Australian operation is to check the alignment of drives against designs.

The new filter obstacles feature in the loop wrap tool in I-Site Studio and I-Site Void 4.1 allows users to easily remove artefacts such as services and vehicles to obtain an accurate drive shape.

Result: See results quickly, save time in processing data.

Measuring tunnels

Tunnels at this underground mine in South America are muddy, making it difficult to extract accurate data. Three scans were conducted with the I-Site 8200 mounted on a tripod.

Scans were modelled in I-Site Void, with the distance from roof to floor displayed for every metre of tunnel. This is much quicker and easier than taking measurements every metre of the tunnel.

The new edit close function in I-Site Studio and I-Site Void 4.1 makes it easy to join multiple surfaces together and close them into a valid solid.

Result: Safe, efficient survey and accurate results.

The I-Site 8200 laser scanner is designed for underground survey applications such as measuring voids, drives, tunnels. It also has the versatility to handle interior silo survey and stockpile measurements. Streamlined survey workflow is built in to all I-Site laser scanning systems. Auto scan levelling is one of the best features of the I-Site 8200 system. A completely upside down scan comes in within 1 degree of accuracy.