Vulcan underground tools

Maptek Vulcan™ 9 release is scheduled for beta testing mid 2013. Enhancements to existing underground tools will streamline workflow, save time and increase productivity.

Producing and editing underground designs are much faster than in previous versions of Vulcan.

  • Object Attributes are now user-defined. Calculated attributes can be derived ‘on-the-fly’ using the object itself or other object attributes.
  • Attributes can access block model and primitive information for reserving.
  • The attribute editor has been enhanced to allow editing of user-defined attributes. Users will save time with visibility options linked to expanded object attributes.
  • Modernised and enhanced panels make tools more intuitive to use, requiring less training.
  • Look-ahead functionality with the Centre Line tool allows users to view designs as they evolve, without switching in and out of the tool panel.
  • Start and End gradient definition allows designing centre line segments with smoothly changing grade.
  • Modifications to related functionality, such as the corner peel tool, will enhance workflow.

Underground ring design has been streamlined, leading to faster setup and processing.

  • New tools are available for designing stand-up ring sections within the Vulcan interface. The tool now assists engineers to determine dump and number of ring sections.
  • Enhancements have been made to sectioning triangulations. The ability to section solids using a ring section value minimises time-consuming manual creation of stope shapes.
  • A major improvement in graphics loading times means that large ring datasets will now load in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Users can rename rings with a configurable naming system.
  • Enhanced explosives loading to allow for primers and deck charging reduces the need for modification of charging plans after printing in Vulcan.
  • Enhanced ring reserving tools are available.