University partnerships

Expert tuition for civil mining engineering students

Maptek is continuing to foster the next generation of South American mining engineers through providing software and training to universities.

The Maptek Vulcan Introduction course at Universidad Católica del Norte in Antofagasta, Chile, taught 49 undergraduate Civil Mining Engineering students the software basics. Instructed by Víctor Cavieres of Maptek South America, under the guidance of Professor José Luis Vázquez, students developed an understanding of Vulcan.

Professor Vázquez said Vulcan software was an ‘essential tool’ for any professional working in the mining industry.

‘The students are very aware of this. They are the ones who demand to learn how to use Vulcan,’ he said. ‘Trainee mining engineers are expected to understand the software which the companies use.’

Students learnt how to handle object attributes and triangulations in a 3D design environment. They also created and manipulated databases and were introduced to block modelling.

Similarly, Marcelo Arancibia from Maptek South America held a series of lectures for students from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile which is based in Santiago.

He presented sessions on Geostatistics, Stationarity, Spatial Analysis, Variography and Kriging during May and June to 60 Civil Mining Engineering undergraduates.

The lectures aim to increase students’ awareness about ore resource estimation using geostatistical tools and provide a platform for further individual study.

The sessions were held at the Maptek South America office in Viña del Mar. Maptek South America takes pride in supporting students, as well as providing training. Technology open days allow students to visit the office and familiarise themselves with all Maptek products in preparation for joining the workforce.

Thanks to Universidad Católica del Norte and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile