Evolutionary scheduling

Maptek Evolution is ahead of the curve when it comes to creating optimised schedules for complex real world operations.

Maptek Evolution uses an evolutionary scheduling approach to unlock the value in a resource model. Much effort goes into amassing and analysing data to prepare models, so it makes sense to take advantage of the hard-won data for optimisation.

Evolution enables waste and haulage to be integrated in a fully auditable schedule that optimises project NPV. The intuitive, flexible environment allows schedules to be re-run in response to changing commodity or market conditions.

Evolution 4.5

The latest Maptek viewing technology delivers a significant asset for customers. Evolution 4.5 brings improved usability in Evolution Origin, new tools in Evolution Strategy and enhanced connection with Maptek™ Vulcan™.

A new high performance graphics engine improves display and manipulation of very large block models, including large numbers of attributed solids.

Mine planners are presented with an holistic 3D view of a mine site by simultaneous display of models with multiple pits, waste dumps, haul networks and topography.

Evolution Strategy applies smart constraint techniques to scheduling complex mines with multiple models and processes. Strategy presents the big picture and also handles details of variable pricing, costings and recovery factors.

With Evolution 4.5 users can target specific blend constraints for contaminants while maximising value and undertaking cut-off grade optimisation. Interactive charting and reporting presents the exported schedules across multiple elements and processes.

  • Track and report multiple elements and contaminants per process and/or destination.
  • Design and model stockpiles with tonnes and grade.
  • Specify global minimum cut-off grade to prevent interpolation into inconsistent parts (grade bins) of the block model.
  • Minimum (soft) and maximum (hard) accumulation constraints per process.
  • User-defined fixed cut-off grade policy (whole or part) and the optimisation process then determines the best extraction sequence for the policy.

Evolution Origin handles open pit scheduling for haulage, waste landform and blending optimisation to minimise haulage costs early on. It is ideal for sites requiring detailed life of mine scheduling down to 18-month medium term planning.

In Evolution 4.5 a maximum constraint per stage, group and/or period manipulates how temporal sequences are created through the model. Specifying multiple truck fleets in the same area allows for mining different material types with different equipment. Users can drag and drop a haul network created in Vulcan to automatically configure the schedule network. Calendars now support scheduling with multiple digger fleets.

Custom preferences for projects include imperial or metric units. Haulage units accurately reflect speed and fuel consumption. Specification of decimal places and currency units persists through schedules, charts and reports. Enhanced colour selection includes auto reverse mapping, non-linear and combined colour ranges.

Forge Home

  • Two new modules are planned for release in 2016.
  • Evolution Epoch will apply haulage and blending optimisation technology for short term scheduling of stratigraphic and metalliferous mines.
  • Evolution Phase will automate the manipulation of optimal shells developed in pit optimisation. Users can adjust, split and combine shells and write new stage codes back to the model. These new stages can then be tested to improve NPV while achieving practical mining shapes.