Monitoring tailings dams at active mines

Maptek I-Site systems enhance effective management of tailings dams, improving safety, productivity and environmental compliance.

Effective management of tailings dams is essential to mine site safety, productivity and compliance with environmental standards.

Maptek I-Site spatial technology provides fast, reliable, repeatable mapping and analysis tools for measurement and reporting.

Tailings dam walls and surfaces can be safely surveyed from a remote standoff to manage deposition as the material dries, shifts and settles.

Operations can easily analyse change over time, comparing sediment level to a designated plane to identify areas of recent build up. This helps determine which valves must be operated to ensure sediment is evenly dispersed.

Results are easily visualised and reports are generated quickly for communication and further analysis. Trends can be determined for future design and planning.

I-Site Studio software can process spatial data captured by any source to help manage tailings dams.

Using an I-Site 8800 series laser scanner for data capture and I-Site Studio for generating results sees a field-to-finish time of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The newly released I-Site XR3 laser scanners further streamline the field workflow. The systems are faster, longer range, lighter and more compact. An integrated 147 megapixel HDR camera provides extra high quality panoramic and snapshot imagery.

Heatmap displays sediment build up in a tailings dam over monthly monitoring cycles.


I-Site laser scanners provide versatility for other periodic surveying tasks. For example, the laser-based Sentry stability monitoring solution handles surface deformation and wall stability analysis.

Sentry is rapidly deployable. It provides current system status and stores the history of movement over the life of a monitoring period. This allows long term analysis of large scale structures and their movement.

Easy to use hardware systems are integrated with powerful software for generating accurate and reliable data for analysis and reporting in a range of situations and environments.

Advanced sensor technologies provide safe, accurate and versatile solutions for monitoring change in mining operations.

Maptek will continue to focus on developing applications to add value to mine measurement and survey processes.