University partnerships

Valuing relationships with universities allows Maptek to help train the next generation of mining professionals.

A four-day Master Class was held during May for 52 sixth year and 4 graduates in Geology from the University of Concepción as well as 9 Civil Mining Engineering students from the University Pedro de Valdivia. This was hosted in the Maptek office in Viña del Mar, with Marcelo Arancibia, General Manager of Maptek South America, as lecturer.

The class had a more practical focus than last year, and addressed different case studies, while still paying attention to the theoretical basis.

The case studies were oriented towards geostatistical applications, variography, kriging theory and implicit modelling. In addition, issues with modelling porphyry copper were covered by 3D Geological Sculpting. Each student constructed a typical 3D porphyry model including low grade core, ore area, pyrite halo and zone of hypothermic hydrothermal alteration.

The most important benefit is student learning and familiarisation with software widely used in the industry. A geologist with Vulcan knowledge has an advantage when joining the mining profession.

I consider that students can see the scope of Vulcan and are motivated to apply it in their work.

Professor Fernanda Alvarez
University of Concepción