Taking control of drill and blast

Mine sites in Australia are discovering the benefits of BlastLogic™ intelligent database and reporting tools.

The new drill and blast accuracy management system has transformed their operations by simplifying routine tasks and increasing blast performance.

Since the release of Maptek BlastLogic™ version 1.0 in August 2012, Maptek has been developing new functionality to further meet industry and customer requirements. BlastLogic 1.1 will offer major new features:

  • Charge design has been extended to support deck loading off a surface for through-seam blasting
  • Cross-section profile of holes allows visualising of decks, water and surfaces for simple load plan QA
  • Simple hole-by-hole load plans can be edited by direct manipulation of individual or multiple decks within a hole, or across multiple holes
  • Capture and reporting of as-loaded hole charge data aids reconciliation to design
  • Post-blast performance data capture and reporting can be customised
  • Improved inter-operability of Maptek Vulcan™ and BlastLogic results in an iterative workflow for blast design

These enhancements will help mines to apply basic quality management principles needed to achieve superior blasting outcomes, leading to improved performance of comminution, load and haul, and mineral recovery.

The BlastLogic core function is to facilitate accurate drilling and charge placement, and enable reconciliation of these activities to design.

This is provided through immediate access to data, and checking against appropriate benchmarks at key points in the process. Users can easily measure and analyse the information to support faster and more informed decision making.

Importantly, BlastLogic makes the drill and blast process transparent to all stakeholders, which in turn fosters greater responsibility and accountability for blast performance.

Centralised storage of all critical information in the BlastLogic database ensures quick recall for analysis. Continuous improvement is supported through better understanding of the operational drivers intrinsic to drill and blast.