BlastLogic ties up blast modelling

Maptek™ BlastLogic™ is adding new tools to meet the demand from miners to more effectively manage their drill and blast operations.

What keeps you awake at night?

For the Maptek™ BlastLogic™ team, it was how to deliver immediate access to operational data in a simple, viewable way. This mandated a step-change in technology to provide seamless tools for engineers to optimise blast designs through simple analysis and effortless data management.

The guiding principle behind enhancing the BlastLogic capability matrix is to help operations further optimise production performance.

A significant new capability is the tie up and blast modelling function. This will further help industry to streamline design, drilling and loading of blast holes. Due for release later this year, BlastLogic 2.0 will also include consumables management, confirming its evolution into mining’s only holistic drill and blast system.

Tie up design in BlastLogic allows fast creation of design scenarios. Multiple iterations can be compared side-by-side using the modelling and animation tools.

Users can run a 3D animation of a detonation sequence, with sections of the holes highlighted and expanded to examine the detonation of explosive decks.

Routine timing analysis tools which are relied on for determining the effectiveness of tie up design scenarios include timing envelope, timing contours, burden relief and first movement direction.

Dynamic visual feedback with a streamlined interface for changing variables, provides instant onscreen decision making support.

The timing envelope tool allows engineers to specify a point where infrastructure may be vulnerable to vibration, and enter a vibration propagation rate to quickly simulate the time it takes from detonation of each hole for effects to reach a specified location.

Other blast models include wavefront reinforcement to simulate vibration and over pressure, and Kuz-ram for blast fragmentation. Engineers can be confident that BlastLogic will support better blast design and implementation.

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