PerfectDig in the pit and online

Maptek™ PerfectDig allows users to compare laser scans with designs and provide rapid feedback into the mine planning cycle.

PerfectDig makes it easier than ever for mining engineers, surveyors and managers to discover the degree to which their mine conforms to design.

What once took hours now takes minutes. PerfectDig automatically generates high quality, visually rich output, ideal for reporting on the state of conformance of a scene. Output can be viewed and even queried online, enabling relevant information to be shared instantly between stakeholders.

In the field

PerfectDig supports reference-free registration of scan data and easily acquires data for conformance reporting. Simply drive up to the designed area and scan from 2 or more locations. PerfectDig automatically registers scans to each other and the data is immediately ready to use.

Volumes by block

Quantifying the degree of design conformance is an important consideration for compliance applications. PerfectDig now supports block lines so that volumes can be reported on a block-by-block basis.

Volume regions are clearly outlined to differentiate particular areas and how much they exceed or under-reach design. Using material densities it is possible to calculate the number of truckloads required to correct a specific area.


PerfectDig provides tools to query horizontal and vertical disparity from design, and cross-sections can be created with 1 or 2 clicks.Users can quickly gauge the degree of conformance at any specific point.

In the office & online

PerfectDig automates report generation once users have specified the as-built and design data to compare, and selected the region of interest.

A professional design conformance report is created, with topographic and perspective views, auto-generated cross-sections and volumes split between block lines.

Stakeholders can easily view and query compliance information with PerfectDig Online. Snapshot links allow online users to share their view of the data with others.

Time and money are saved by quickly providing users with the information they need to take action to ensure compliance and optimise commodity excavation.

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