I-Site Drive for fast stockpile volumes

Maptek I-Site Drive provides mines and quarry operations with a faster, more accurate system for frequent stockpile volume reporting.

Maptek I-Site Drive allows a I-Site laser scanner mounted on a moving vehicle to acquire data continuously, without stopping. Surveyors can quickly and safely measure stockpiles for reporting and comparing daily or weekly volumes.

The I-Site laser scanner can also be used with tripod, vehicle mount and custom bracket accessories for pit and road survey, pit updates, geological mapping and silo volumetrics.

The Inertial Navigation System (INS) installation in the custom vehicle mount is the key to survey efficiency. It allows the laser scanner to acquire data continuously, reducing the time for data collection and minimising interruption to site activities. Data is collected in real world coordinates, ready for opening in I-Site Studio software.

Faster data collection, reduced risk to operators and shorter processing time for survey deliverables are key benefits of I-Site Drive.

The reconciliation process is streamlined and accurate stockpile volumes are quickly available. Highly detailed geotechnical data can be collected with the same laser scanner on a tripod.

Setup is incredibly easy. Just install the scanner on the mount, connect the power and network, attach the RTK GPS and initialise scanning on the tablet computer. Calibration is automatically performed while driving to the first scanning position. The recommended maximum speed to acquire a uniform grid of points is 14 kph, with a maximum of 40 kph while driving without scanning.

Data is simply opened in I-Site Studio for calculating volumes; scan registration is not necessary.

Accuracy & speed

Stockpile data is currently collected by driving around the perimeter with a vehicle-mounted GPS. Volumes are then extrapolated by projecting the angle of the GPS string from the stockpile base.

I-Site Drive links the laser scanner with GPS to generate a profile as the stockpile is circumnavigated. The volume is accurately calculated without estimating or inferring from unknown points.

While tripod setup provides the high accuracy data required for geological and geotechnical studies, positional highwall survey can be done with I-Site Drive. Surveyors can be in and out of the pit in minutes, capturing stockpile volumes and faces in one pass.

Flexibility & safety

I-Site Drive is more flexible and cost-effective than other dedicated mobile solutions. Real time view of the scan data collected on the tablet makes it easy to spot ‘shadows’ and drive around again.

Survey is conducted without personnel needing to leave the safety of the vehicle.

Mine surveyors can now use the same laser scanner for tripod, vehicle-mounted stop-go, rail or hatch-mounted survey, and continuous survey. One I-Site laser scanner can deliver all digital survey data requirements for an operation.

Contact isite.sales@maptek.com.au to find out how I-Site Drive can help optimise your survey tasks.