Mine to design with PerfectDig

Maptek PerfectDig takes the guesswork out of conformance, enabling mine planners to make the right decisions to design safe and profitable operations.

A mining engineer needs to design a mine plan that will extract the most ore out of the earth at the lowest cost, and ensure the structural integrity of the mine. Hours are spent at the computer analysing data, testing and refining the design.

Surveyors take the design and peg it out for the excavators. What happens if the design is not followed? The implications of non-conformance can be costly and also a safety risk. Ultimately, the success of the mine design depends on its implementation.

Maptek PerfectDig takes a mine design and compares it to 3D data to generate imagery which immediately identifies areas of non-conformance. Engineers, surveyors and equipment operators can quickly see the design and compare it to progress in the field. This saves time and money in the short term, and also helps ensure the longevity of the mine by promoting adherence to design.

PerfectDig uses a photograph from the input image data which serves as the current reality. The software adds a number of overlays to provide the extra information to the user, creating an augmented reality.

PerfectDig compares input image data such as laser scans, existing surfaces, airborne lidar point clouds or UAV data with the mine design (.00t, .dxf or .dwg format) in real time.

The software automatically processes the scene, generates high quality conformance layer imagery and identifies areas of underdig and overdig.

Field and office

Two PerfectDig applications have been designed to allow sites to work in different ways.

PerfectDig Field works with ‘real time’ data from I-Site 8800, 8810 or 8820 laser scanners. A ruggedised tablet has an easy to use interface for immediately comparing mine to design. Intuitive tools enable cross sections, distance to design and 2-point distance queries. A comparison takes 5 minutes, with design conformance information available in near real time.  

For some operations, the best option may be to use PerfectDig Office. Existing I-Site laser scan data or surfaces can be conveniently compared with the mine design on an office PC.

The conformance report wizard in both PerfectDig packages guides the user through the simple process of specifying the input (design, block lines and as-built data) and then defining the area of interest from an overhead view. Previews allow further annotation of reported sections.

Conformance reports are published to PerfectDig Online to share with key stakeholders. Scenes are interactive and cross sections can be queried through the internet browser. Alternatively a PDF can be exported and saved.

Completing a mine to design is the ultimate goal for mining engineers. PerfectDig takes the guesswork out of decision making.

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