Technical engineering and consulting

Maptek is well-known for innovative mining software, technology and services. Delivery of efficient business and system solutions assists operations to optimise their resources.

Maptek has more than 30 years of experience in the mining sector. Multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, including geologists, surveyors, mining engineers and software engineers combine their expert to assist clients.

Project managers and system problem solvers engage in an operation’s unique business and system requirements, using mining domain knowledge and practical methodologies.  Maptek technical consulting teams in Australia help integrate complex products with existing systems,  identifying opportunities for improvement .  

Maptek has a proven history in constructing specific enterprise solutions where off-the-shelf products are not feasible.

Material tracking

A system has been developed to allow pseudo real-time quality and material tracking through the mining facility, from pit/ROM to stockyards, wash plants, train or ship. Origin information can be retrieved from fleet management systems and quality actuals can be sourced from laboratory information management systems or automated scanners. A virtual 3D model of stockyards can be engineered using information in historian systems to display and interrogate stock inventory.

Grade control

Applications have been developed and supported to track and report grade and tonnage in both pit and plant, and as loaded onto trains. These applications also allow grade blocks to be created interactively, with the results suitable for integration with existing mining packages such as Maptek Vulcan.

Stockpile management

The application tracks stockpile balances and movements of products through the individual mine sites of an enterprise via rail transportation and port stockpiles, and confirms the accuracy of ore quantities. Defined production measures can be validated, and balances for stockpiles or pit locations can be adjusted for end-of-month production reconciliation.

Production planning

Technical applications have been developed and maintained to provide online mine planning approval workflow systems. Robust checks and balances ensure all approvals are complete before implementing an approved plan. Reports can be created on mine production activity, equipment utilisation and material movements. Supply chain data can be displayed on screen.

Tonnes and equipment

Truck and excavator status, operational hours and tonnages are tracked between pits, stockpiles and crushers. Plant operations such as belt tonnes and train loadouts are captured. Train weight information such as tonnes loaded, tonnes per car, number of cars, times to load, and daily and weekly averages can be reported. Data models are tailored to the enterprise and its operating behaviour.

Global expertise

'We have supported more than 150 business critical applications for prominent global mining companies over the past 15 years. We collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure that your enterprise benefits from improvements,’ said Maptek Service Operations Manager, Tym Zon.  ‘We help our clients improve their processes and outcomes.’

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