New electronic timing tools

Electronic tie-up tools will be the headline feature of Maptek BlastLogic 2.1 when it is released later in 2016.

Maptek will be introducing electronic timing in BlastLogic blast accuracy and management system. Electronic timing systems are fast becoming the industry standard for mines with complex blasting requirements.

Electronics can improve fragmentation and reduce environmental impacts of blasting without compromising quality. New possibilities are opened for multi-layer blasting techniques such as through-seam coal blasting, which can have several timing sequences in one blast.

Alongside the benefits that come with electronic timing, there are also some risks. Electronic timing systems are able to improve results due to flexibility and virtually limitless timing combinations. However, this flexibility can lead to mistakes and can be counterproductive if rigorous controls and checks are not in place.

New features in BlastLogic 2.1 will streamline design and modelling to help get the most out of the electronic approach. BlastLogic includes new ways to design and manipulate hole-by-hole timing. It will also include a time saving autofill feature for duplicating a row design across multiple rows.

Relationship based timing will speed up the design process by maintaining complex timing sequences even when plans change.

These relationships apply to multi- horizon timing sequences as well. For example, a through-seam blast may require a unique timing sequence in one coal horizon, and a completely different sequence in another. BlastLogic allows users to connect sequences so that when one changes, the others are automatically updated, reducing mistakes and saving time.

Once the blast design is complete, advanced modelling tools identify issues and high risk scenarios. Multi-horizon timing contour and timing envelope options help control blasts.

The ability to rapidly prototype several alternatives at once allows users to quickly find the most appropriate design.

Wave propagation animation and peak particle velocity maps ensure mines remain environmentally compliant.

The new electronic timing tools are integrated with industry recognised third party timing systems, and work hand in hand with BlastLogic inventory management and tracking components.

The addition of electronic tie-up to existing pyrotechnic tie-up functionality in BlastLogic is an important factor in ensuring the system offers a complete solution across the drill and blast process.