I-Site drives cost-effective survey

Three companies based in Denver, Colorado experienced the benefits of using Maptek I-Site Drive for stockpile surveys and topographic updates.

Maptek I-Site Drive allows continuous acquisition of laser scans with an I-Site 8820 or 8200 laser scanner mounted on a moving vehicle. Mining, quarry and civil operations can efficiently survey stockpiles, highwalls and haul roads, cutting survey time by more than 50%.

The Inertial Navigation System in the dedicated vehicle mount allows the data to be acquired continuously.

Workflows are tailored to suit common site survey practice. Collecting measurements from the safety of a vehicle minimises disruption to operations and reduces risk to operators.

After seeing demonstrations of Maptek technology, companies based in Denver, Colorado took advantage of consulting services using I-Site Drive to generate stockpile volumes and topographic models.

American Environmental Consulting (AEC), which runs waste management facilities in Colorado and Nebraska, heard about Maptek through a talk at the Solid Waste Association of North America.

AEC hired Maptek to scan and create a topographic model about a year ago, and recently wanted a current topographic model to calculate the quantity of material that had been added to the landfill. The difference in volumes was easily calculated by comparing surfaces between laser scans, and AEC can rely on the accuracy of the results for calculating revenue.

An aggregate company which specialises in construction materials for residential, commercial and municipal projects wanted to obtain stockpile volumes at different locations.

In addition, a utility provider engaged Maptek consulting services to obtain a current topographic model for a leased site.

I-Site Drive delivers a denser data string, captured from a safe distance in less time. Collecting more data, at the required or better accuracy, and at a faster rate reduces the cost to the client, and allows consultants to be more productive.

I-Site Drive data is imported into I-Site Studio already registered into real world coordinates along with any stationary scans conducted with Drive. This shortens processing time dramatically. Volumes, surfaces, contours and other client requirements are generated much faster.

Smart I-Site software registration and visualisation tools reduce time to output survey deliverables.

Existing survey methods were unable to create the topographic models required by these companies. Laser scanning with I-Site Drive fulfills survey requirements and saves time and money.

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