Eureka data interoperability

Users will greatly benefit from Maptek’s ongoing product integration philosophy with the release of Maptek Eureka 3.

Maptek Eureka provides a unique platform for analysing spatially located data. Viewing the data at different scales allows you to see the big picture as well as complex details in areas of interest. Inter-connecting relationships can be made between disparate information.

Eureka 3 adopts the latest database technology and ships with new dynamic smart CAD tools, geodesy and visualisation capabilities, as well as line style enhancements and improved geotechnical features.

Performance optimisation features such as level of detail rendering get more out of hardware by only showing what you need to see - when you need to see it.

New Action Plane definition and viewing tools are standard, giving unparalleled control over the working space within complex 3D datasets for CAD and sectioning options.

Data interoperability between Eureka and other Maptek products such as I-Site Studio has been greatly enhanced.


Enhancements include greatly improved drillhole database performance and the ability to use multiple drilling databases simultaneously for viewing, correlation and modelling.

Data validation is improved, with the ability to set defaults, field limits and null values on input drilling data. The Lithology Targeting option has benefited from user feedback. Several functionality upgrades now allow quicker selection of modelling targets.

Attributes associated with CAD entities or surface models can now be imported from packages such as Maptek™ Vulcan™ or created within Eureka. Tools are provided to search, filter and highlight objects for more detailed analysis based on available attributes.

New coordinate system options further enhance Eureka’s power to efficiently bring all disparate data types into a common coordinate system.

The latest Eureka functionality provides new tools and enhances user experience, substantiating the claims of a compact package with huge capabilities!