New Sentry deployable monitoring system

Maptek Sentry supports constant surface monitoring required by geotechnical teams and mine management for managing risk.

Maptek has unveiled the Sentry DMS (Deployable Monitoring System) alongside the third generation Maptek I-Site laser scanners.

Sentry was first released in November 2014 in response to industry demand for a cost effective, flexible system to detect movement. Taking advantage of I-Site spatial imaging technology, Sentry provided an ideal solution.

Sentry has now been re-launched as a fully transportable monitoring system. Deployed in a custom trailer, the system offers a power and communications module, cellular and wifi networking, a dedicated, stable bollard for an I-Site laser scanner and proven Sentry software.

The operator can unpack the system and start monitoring in 15 minutes!

Sentry helps site personnel monitor and report on movements caused by surface instability that have the potential to interrupt operations. Examples are mining and civil engineering projects, including road cuttings, land slips, dam walls and tunnel openings.

Sentry monitors multiple zones within a scene without the need for targets or reference points. Movement can be detected down to 1mm per hour. While radar systems can monitor even smaller movements, they have limitations when there are large movements.

Sentry is most cost effective when used to scan and monitor several zones concurrently. Visualisation and analysis tools can be readily deployed for monitoring on a broader scale before using radar assets if required.

Timelapse capability allows users to see changes and use this information to predict movement in other areas. Heatmaps coloured by displacement or velocity provide an overview of surface movement.

Alert levels and rules are easily defined, allowing critical information to be sent direct to geotechnical staff or mine managers so they can decide on action to be taken.

The laser scanner can be moved for other tasks, and monitoring history is maintained when the unit is returned to the same fixed monitoring position.

Combining 3D photographs with true 3D measurement, Sentry provides operations with an accurate, reliable monitoring tool. A key advantage is the animation of zones to show morphology of terrain changes over time.