Cost savings with PerfectDig

Maptek PerfectDig™ allows you to detect and communicate critical design conformance information before machinery is moved out. Make informed decisions, optimise equipment allocation and increase productivity at your operation.

PerfectDig provides a solution to a universal challenge - how to improve the accuracy and understanding of mine operations so that production is optimised from the first cut.

PerfectDig combines mine plans and design information with laser scans of working areas.

Detailed 3D visual and spatial analysis information is provided in near real time to production managers and site crews.

How PerfectDig works

A Maptek I-Site™ laser scanner captures surfaces while mining proceeds. PerfectDig automatically determines the location and registers the scan data against the mine survey grid.

The data is geospatially accurate and up-to-date.

The PerfectDig tablet is used to analyse and compare scanned surfaces against the design imported from Maptek Vulcan™.

Different layers can be displayed. Users can instantly view detailed sections, photos and volumes.

The degree of conformance to plan can be assessed with specified tolerances. Excavation can then be adjusted and designs updated. All of these decisions can now be made in the field.

Overlays of the conformance to plan parameters are available via secure online server to production operators, pit designers and management.

In less than 10 minutes the visually rich spatial feedback is conveyed to mine production.

How PerfectDig helps

The benefits of using PerfectDig are significant. PerfectDig makes it easy to quickly review critical data in the field and act efficiently to keep mining operations on track.

Without PerfectDig, the information to achieve this is either not available, or requires a lot of effort and time to prepare, and is usually presented too late for effective decision making.

PerfectDig provides a solution for improving profitability through informed decision making.

Productivity and efficiency are industry bywords. The examples here are indicative of the savings you can expect with PerfectDig. PerfectDig can also provide operational efficiencies for drill & blast, streamlined communication of designs and managing contracts.

Hardcap compliance

Ignoring early indications that excavation is progressing beyond hardcap thresholds can be costly. The resource model and design is an interpretation of the coal seam. It is possible that the seam bulges into the hardcap.

Digging 100mm past the hardcap threshold over a 4000m2 area could result in a potential loss of 400 tonnes of coal - a $40,000 loss of income.

Result: Avoid costly damage to hardcap and loss of coal

Using PerfectDig to monitor hardcap compliance reduces the risk of coal loss AND identifies areas where overburden remains. Not reaching the hardcap with the dragline requires digging at a higher cost per bcm.

The original cost of removing this overburden with a dragline would have been $20,000 based on $0.80/bcm. Removal using an excavator fleet incurs higher costs of $70,000 ($3/bcm).

Result: Avoid unnecessary overburden costs of $50,000

Identify safety issues

PerfectDig can quickly identify overhanging material near the top of the wall. Safety measures can then be taken to remove the risk to operators working in the area.

Conventional methods take too long. First the engineer suspects a risk and files a survey request. Then the scene is surveyed, data is processed and provided to the engineer. This can take several hours.

With PerfectDig the engineer can quickly identify hazards and make an informed judgement in the field.
The cross-section view requires no data filtering prior to modelling; 3D output is obtained in one click. Accurate data is available in 10 minutes, with the engineer retaining control over the data.

Checking for anomalies 5 times a week would result in a cost of 1040 person hours per year. With PerfectDig, this is reduced to 43 hours per year.

Result: 1000 hours saved and productivity improved

Optimise machinery

Early detection of errors in material movement enables operators to rectify issues before machinery leaves the area.

This highwall has not been dug to specification while the right equipment was in place. It will cost about $5/bcm or $34,000 if the coal excavator and truck fleet is used to remove and transport the remaining overburden to be able to expose the coal.

With PerfectDig, the extra overburden is identified immediately. The appropriate equipment still operating in the area can remove the material at a cost of $3/bcm or $20,400.

Result: A saving of $13,600 through the early detection of material movement errors

With minor mis-conformance a regular occurrence, one instance per week of undetected overburden could cost an operation $700,000 a year from inefficient fleet use.