Implicit modelling in Vulcan 9

Maptek Vulcan™ delivers an estimation algorithm for creating geological domains. Users of implicit modelling will experience fast, reliable results, combined with user-driven parameter selection, familiar modelling techniques and custom modelling workflows.

Implicit modelling can be combined with existing Vulcan tools to create a customised approach to automatically generating complex 3D geological surfaces. It can be used alongside existing approaches like explicit modelling and stochastic modelling.

Implicit modelling techniques enable rapid construction of solids and surfaces and can be used to estimate the potential size of a mineralised body.

Running implicit modelling in Vulcan will mean geologists can spend more time validating and improving interpretations, rather than creating basic results.

Users will be able to model multi-domain geological settings with no overlap, giving more consistent results and eliminating manual adjustment of triangulations.

The user is in total control of the intuitive modelling process, which requires no hidden or special techniques.

Vulcan implicit modelling outputs a block model automatically, minimising errors from file transfer protocols. Block models are ready for other modelling processes such as reserving.

Geologists and engineers generating polygons, creating a blast region or calculating reserves will all experience the benefits of implicit modelling.

Greater flexibility

Implicit and explicit methods both handle deterministic modelling, which can be used with risk driven stochastic modelling. Any, or all, of the methods can be combined to suit operational requirements.

Geologists looking at a deposit for the first time can use implicit modelling to quickly understand orientations and characteristics.

Implicit modelling redresses the shortcomings of traditional approaches, which tend to be time consuming and only generate a single result. Where drillholes are sparse or poorly oriented, the interpretation is more likely to be biased. The range of possibilities will be large, but the results will not reflect this.

With implicit modelling, geologists can compare different modelling interpretations. Model parameters can be adjusted to determine how sensitive a shape is, and how much it could change volumetrically with varying interpretations. The scale of possibilities is now apparent.

Customers with current maintenance will receive implicit modelling as part the standard geology tools in Vulcan 9.