New I-Site laser scanning solutions

The new Maptek I-Site 8820 laser scanner and improved range of the I-Site 8200 system offer surveyors the latest technology for acquiring and analysing spatial data.

I-Site 8820

The new Maptek I-Site 8820 long range laser scanner retains the rugged build and ergonomics of its predecessor and now boasts twice the data acquisition speed, a 25% improvement in range performance and increased accuracy.

Maptek’s product differentiator is the optimised workflow which delivers the most efficient process from field data acquisition through to presentation of modelled results.

Performance upgrades in the I-Site 8820 laser scanner make the process even faster. New features in I-Site Studio 5.0 combine to ensure the best survey results.

Maptek recognises that surveying needs are not uniform. The new modular design of the I-Site 8820 enables customers to order a laser scanner with the optimal configuration for their requirements.

Each configuration is fully integrated in an IP65-rated dust and moisture proof enclosure, ensuring reliable performance.
Maptek now offers solutions aside from traditional survey tasks such as geological analysis, change detection, underground and civil applications.

I-Site 8200

Underground operations demand survey systems that are safe and easy to set up. Comprehensive scan coverage and fast, accurate modelling are essential.

The I-Site 8200 laser scanner has a 500 metre range and can be used for underground and surface survey applications.
It can be coupled with purpose-built accessories for surveying underground drives, tunnels and stopes, and mapping development headings.

The I-Site 8200 has a scan window of -35° to 90° vertically, and 360° horizontally. Whatever the orientation of the scanner, integrated levelling automatically corrects scans before processing.

Maptek supplies an extendable boom for surveying stopes and voids. A 3D view on the scan controller allows the user to see inside the stope. The scan detail is ideal for geological mapping.

The I-Site 8200 laser scanner is versatile. It can be set up on a tripod for stockpile, tunnel, drive topographic and civil survey.

A vehicle mount streamlines stockpile, waste dump, road and quarry survey.Survey friendly workflows with easy to use software ensure users get repeatable, reliable results.

I-Site 8820 and I-Site 8200 laser scanners are available for order.

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