Track surface movement with Sentry

Maptek™ Sentry is an integrated system for capturing and monitoring surface change in mining and civil environments.

Maptek Sentry is a safe, flexible and cost effective solution for detecting surface movement. It combines Maptek I-Site™ laser scan data with sophisticated software to track and analyse movement over time.

Developed in association with industry, Sentry helps sites monitor and report on movements caused by surface instability that have the potential to interrupt operations.

Sentry workflow

An I-Site 8820 laser scanner is set up to monitor the area of interest. An overview scan provides a starting point for establishing multiple zones within that area. The user sets the frequency of scans in Sentry software; this can be done in the field or the office.

Sentry automatically monitors the laser scan data based on rules established by the user. Movement outside of set tolerances prompts automatic email notifications when connected to a network.

Analysis and reporting

Powerful analysis tools make reporting on surface movement easy. A heat map provides an overview of surface movement in the selected area. A user-defined colour palette facilitates quick identification of changes.

Sophisticated algorithms in Sentry decrease scan noise and improve accuracy, with data stored in a reduced format for fast analysis and processing.

Displacement, velocity and inverse velocity graphs are automatically generated, and PDFs can be exported for easy data sharing.

Sentry is a safe, cost-effective solution for acquiring surface change data over large areas, offering significant advantages for monitoring low wall stability.

Scans can be monitored in real time and a 3D viewing mode helps quickly identify movement.

A time lapse video option allows movement information to be easily presented to management and other stakeholders. I-Site laser scanners can be deployed for monitoring and other site survey tasks. The original scan data is easily exported to I-Site Studio software for generating surface models and calculating volumes, as well as detailed geotechnical analysis.

Sentry will be available from November 2014.
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