Resellers forge ahead into Asia

Maptek uses resellers to deliver products and services into some regions. Here they outline their experience with Maptek products.

KK Geosystem

KK Geosystem Pvt Ltd is the Maptek distributor for I‑Site 3D laser scanners in India and surrounding regions.

India has been very late in accepting 3D laser scanning technology and part of our role has been to explain its capabilities.

In the last 2 years we have achieved almost 70% market share in India with installations across surveying, mining, ship building, as-built, BIM and reverse engineering applications.

India is a price sensitive market, so the biggest challenge is the high cost of the I‑Site technology. As it is relatively new, there are fewer engineers trained in its use, making industry adoption difficult.

Our approach has included promoting 3D laser scanners to leading education and research institutes to build interest among academics and students.

The advantages of using I-Site for mine surveying include:

  • Easy to use hardware and software
  • IP65 protection rating, very important in India’s dusty environment
  • Operation at high temperatures ensures reliability in the Indian climate

We are looking to use the I-Site laser scanner with vehicle mount for surveying a road/canal corridor. If this project comes to fruition it will demonstrate I‑Site suitability for non-mining applications.

PT Asaba

PT Asaba provides sales and marketing services in Indonesia for a range of survey equipment, including Maptek I‑Site systems.

We provide in-house and on-site training for industry, as well as scanner repairs to a certain level.

We promote the latest technology to students and staff at universities, and hold public seminars on laser scanning.

Challenges for users of high technology survey systems in Indonesia include humidity, heat and dust. I‑Site systems can operate effectively in high humidity and extreme temperatures. The equipment is tightly sealed against water and dust ingress.

Having the camera sealed inside the I-Site laser scanner housing maintains factory calibration and integrity.
I-Site is currently in use at mining operations and we look forward to exploring how Maptek’s new surface monitoring solution Sentry can provide additional benefits.

Office Pipi

Office Pipi, Inc. is the longstanding authorised distributor of Maptek Vulcan software in Japan.

We have close relationships with our customers and manage their software maintenance contracts. Our staff provide first level technical support for Vulcan with backup from Maptek in Australia.

We arrange Vulcan training for customers, which is generally performed by Maptek technical services staff from Australia.

Customers use Vulcan in underground gold mines, open cut base metal mines, geothermal exploration and groundwater modelling. Vulcan is used in mining consultancies and corporate head offices where technical teams oversee their overseas mining assets.

We are looking to replicate the Maptek global role model as software of choice for mining engineering by introducing Vulcan into the Japanese mining schools.

One challenge is that Vulcan software is not available in the Japanese language.

Our staff maintain knowledge of the latest Vulcan software capability by attending Maptek training courses.