Geostatistics courses

Valuing relationships with universities allows Maptek to help train the next generation of mining professionals.

Citation courses

Maptek is proud of our ongoing partnership with Dr Clayton Deutsch, Professor and Director of the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. Maptek Citation Programs in Applied Geostatistics have been taught for over 18 years, and include the option to receive a university accreditation awarded by the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta.

The 2017 Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics recently concluded in our Golden, Colorado office, was extremely well-received. Participants could see immediate benefit, thanks to the emphasis on applications for mining. This four-week course involves theoretical and practical aspects of the use of modern geostatistical tools. This year, the Citation Program was taught by Dr Deutsch, alongside Dr Jeff Boisvert, Assistant Professor in the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta, and co-director of the Centre for Computational Geostatistics.

The Citation Program is highly regarded in South America, being run annually since 1999 in Chile. Marcelo Arancibia, General Manager Maptek South America, is a strong advocate of the geostatistics program and also runs various specialty master classes for students at universities throughout the country.

Masters program

In 2018, Maptek South America will present a new specialised training program, Masters in Geostatistical Modelling of Mineral Deposits. The program is oriented towards geologists and mining engineers with experience in geostatistics, and consists of 10 modules taught over two years, by Dr Clayton Deutsch, Dr John Manchuk and Dr Ryan Barnett.

Short courses

In August, Maptek held three, one-day geostatistics courses in our Perth, Australia office in the lead up to the 2017 International Association for Mathematical Geosciences conference. Specialist instruction on Locally Varying Anistropy, Implementation Aspects of Simulation, and Recoverable Reserves and Localisation, was provided to an engaged mix of Maptek customers, employees and other geostatisticians keen to learn practical skills to enhance grade modelling accuracy, simulation studies and reserving in their projects. This was a valuable opportunity to learn in an intensive format from Dr Deutsch before he participated in IAMG as the 2017 Distinguished Lecturer.