MineSuite controls information flow

MinLog information management systems enable operations to collect, analyse and report information to drive improvement.

Managers who are frustrated by their inability to control processes, systems and information flows within their operation face additional challenges when there is a large on-site plant or mobile fleet to manage.

Ten years ago, Beeshoek Iron Ore Mine Plant Management implemented MineSuite to tackle these issues. Their journey illustrates the benefits of using an integrated information solution to track, monitor and report on products, equipment, processes and personnel. It is described here in the context of MinLog’s #ONE statements and development philosophy.

#ONE View across processes and systems

The difficulty of using siloed spreadsheets of information as a corporate asset led to Beeshoek Plant Management adopting MineSuite. The aim was to address the shortcomings of traditional technical systems which catered only for specific needs in the mining value chain.

MineSuite was first deployed to provide for manual data entry in the Washing & Screening area. With encouragement from plant management, control room operators embraced the new data capture environment.  

#ONE Version of the truth

As confidence in data integrity grew, Beeshoek identified legacy spreadsheets to be replaced by MineSuite reports.

Information gathered in silos results in duplication and replication. Independent validation of data within the silos creates multiple, opposing versions of the same information. The source, context and granularity of the original data are often lost.

Contextualisation of data from the point of origin in a lossless environment creates a single point of reference across processes and disciplines, with unique opportunities for:

  • Enterprise wide optimisation and business improvements
  • Closing the loop between planning and operations
  • Integration between survey, planning and production to reconcile planned vs. actual
  • Standardisation of KPIs and KPAs across disciplines, e.g. maintenance and production

#ONE Product on operational level

With continuous improvement in mind, Beeshoek identified additional data measurement points. A revised MineSuite configuration reduced the need for manual data entry, further increasing information integrity.

MineSuite allows data from third party sources to be validated and consolidated into a single, scalable and configurable process model. With the context understood, complex analysis and optimisation can be conducted in real time across the process.

#ONE Solution across the mining executional value chain

Building on confidence in plant production and productivity, including time accounting values from MineSuite, the next logical focus for Beeshoek was on ore and product qualities. MinLog, laboratory and StarLims representatives collaborated to develop an interface to provide laboratory results for volumes produced per time period.

With production volumes and qualities now available, Beeshoek can compare lab and geophysical survey results. Geophysical values are important for setting jigs during plant operation and it made sense to compare these with lab results to obtain a view of plant performance holistically.

MineSuite combines multiple systems and modules to deliver a unique solution tailored to an operation’s needs.

#ONE Focus on strategic partnership

The 10-year journey with Beeshoek Plant Management is testimony to MinLog’s investment in strategic partnerships. The 50% Maptek shareholding in MinLog creates a strong, viable partnership for addressing the fast-growing need for information gathering, analysis and optimisation across the mining value chain.

#ONE International footprint

MinLog offices in Newcastle, Australia and Pretoria, South Africa are supported by Maptek resources globally. This unique combination of skills and mining industry expertise guarantees #ONE effective team, covering product development, project management, training and delivery.